Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Favourite Love Story!

It happened when I was nine years of age. Since my father is in defense most of my childhood years were spent in  beautifully barricaded residential campuses. As I rewind back , I remember a huge construction project(probably for the construction of new quarters) being undertaken in our neighborhood. And the sight of construction workers carrying bricks, mortar and cement on their heads in the scorching summer, and ascending on the seemingly fragile wooden framework of ladders on half-constructed buildings was a rare sight for me, but not a happy one. I would always feel they could fall off the dangerous heights any time and that would make me sad.

But it always was a happy sight to see their lively kids, most of whom were in the age group of 4 to 10,  play under the street lights , from the first floor balcony of our apartment. I would always feel delighted to see their excitement and happiness . I never interfered with their play, but used to  silently observe and listen to their playful talks. I would always feel like joining them, but the fear of getting harsh scoldings from my parents was enough to stop me... !!! :(

I remember one day sneaking out of my house with my teddy bear , with the intention of having a playful time with the gang. As I went near them, I immediately realized that one of  them,   a very small girl  staring or rather greedily looking at my teddy bear with undivided attention. And within a minute, she started crying and demanding for it...!!!

I felt very bad for her but felt equally angry , as that teddy was one of my favorite toys, and more for the reason that it was gifted by my grandfather, who was no more. I would never part with it for anything in the world, including any number of chocolates , ice creams  or any other more expensive gifts, not even for the most beautiful barbie doll!.

I stood there for around five minutes waiting for the girl to stop crying , so that I could start playing with them..!!! But that never happened. And it was then that a boy approached me and said " mere pas sirf 1 Rs hai aur mujhko wo bhalu dukandar nahi dega.... Mujhe aapka bhalu chahiye"  that is "I have only 1 rs and the shopkeeper wont give me the bear that you have.. and I want that" ... I felt even more angry.... And I replied with a stern "no".

After which, he started sobbing and said .."main usse shadi karunga aur mere pas koi gift nahi hai usko dene k liye" (ie I want to marry her and I have nothing to gift her"

 I  melted at that point of time like a  chocolate in the  mouth. I  had always dreamt of a prince charming who would say that and do  what that boy was doing, to me even at that age....:)

  So , I decided to part with the teddy, helping them  have a happy end or rather a happy beginning !!!. Though It made me feel extremely sad , It also made me extremely happy that I helped a handsome prince charming win a beautiful princess!!! so what if they were just 6 years of age!!!!

They went hand in hand with the girl holding the teddy happily and slowly faded away into their tin den ( the unison of tin roofed houses where all the construction workers  were staying ) , unsure of their education and their health, but sure of the innocent love in their hearts for each other...!!!

Soon the project came to a completion and the tin houses vanished from the vicinity, and I was left missing my teddy miserably!!! But my little heart was so happy to witness a beautifully blossoming love story!!!

Guys if you have a similar story, in which you experienced a magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Love/Hate? Elation/Sadness? Anger/Sympathy? The desire to move forward yet run away at the same time? Please share your stories on this link or as a comment to this post. Would love to hear them!!!


  1. Its really cute story... thank u very much because of ur story give me to remind my past story...

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  4. wow... that is sweet...

    this little stories make you feel blessed.. isn't it...

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  6. yeah thats awsome my voe goes with urs

  7. Dear Pratibha..I love it from bottom of my heart..:-)..such a beautiful poem.
    urs sagar