Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those mischievious eyes...

Ah, those amazingly beautiful brown eyes... i can never forget them in a million years. Those almond shaped mysterious eyes had left me brimming with awe!!!

My memory of this encounter goes back to the time when I was in 5th standard and never had I anticipated, that it would feature on my blog after so many years.

It was a normal day, and like a normal kid, I packed my bag , finished my homework and got ready for school.It was half day at school, so was very happy to return home early after a playful day with friends.

As far as my memory goes, it never used to be a straight to home affair for me after school.On my way back, there always used to be another play session  with butterflies, dragonflies and the like. And my mother too never had to worry as the school was at a stone's throw away.

That particular day, after my usual play session, when I was returning back home, I noticed a big brown dog lying peacefully , at the basement of our two storeyed building, with its eyes dull and squinted hinting at a possible fight with his sweetheart. My innocent heart went out to him at once.

I knelt down, stretched my hand forward to touch his head. But couldn't, as I felt scared seeing his long brown fur. All of a sudden, he raised his head and looked straight into my eyes. I could clearly see my reflection in his eyes. And before I could tell him that I felt for him, he possibly thought that I was invading his privacy.....:(

And that was it... he started chasing me at a lightning speed, and my tiny feet could never maintain  the required speed. There was a point when he almost clutched my little skirt in his jaws, but fortunately for me my house was at the first floor, and hearing my cries all the people in the neighboring buildings had come out, and one of them shooed the dog monster away!!!

But I could never forget those big brown eyes.....!!!!!!

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