Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those mischievious eyes...

Ah, those amazingly beautiful brown eyes... i can never forget them in a million years. Those almond shaped mysterious eyes had left me brimming with awe!!!

My memory of this encounter goes back to the time when I was in 5th standard and never had I anticipated, that it would feature on my blog after so many years.

It was a normal day, and like a normal kid, I packed my bag , finished my homework and got ready for school.It was half day at school, so was very happy to return home early after a playful day with friends.

As far as my memory goes, it never used to be a straight to home affair for me after school.On my way back, there always used to be another play session  with butterflies, dragonflies and the like. And my mother too never had to worry as the school was at a stone's throw away.

That particular day, after my usual play session, when I was returning back home, I noticed a big brown dog lying peacefully , at the basement of our two storeyed building, with its eyes dull and squinted hinting at a possible fight with his sweetheart. My innocent heart went out to him at once.

I knelt down, stretched my hand forward to touch his head. But couldn't, as I felt scared seeing his long brown fur. All of a sudden, he raised his head and looked straight into my eyes. I could clearly see my reflection in his eyes. And before I could tell him that I felt for him, he possibly thought that I was invading his privacy.....:(

And that was it... he started chasing me at a lightning speed, and my tiny feet could never maintain  the required speed. There was a point when he almost clutched my little skirt in his jaws, but fortunately for me my house was at the first floor, and hearing my cries all the people in the neighboring buildings had come out, and one of them shooed the dog monster away!!!

But I could never forget those big brown eyes.....!!!!!!

Can Anyone Explain?

At times , Its unimaginably difficult for me to come to terms with the ugly and cruel side of  nature. The same nature, that most of the times nurtures and protects us like a mother becomes a source of such unexplainable pain and heartache.

This Friday morning, all set to go to office with a hope of starting a wonderful day.. I open the door to step out of my house... and what I see, I can possibly never forget for days or probably years to come. I see the headless body of a mouse, possibly devoured by the cat whom I have most affectionately fed many times before, as I believe she is an estranged pet, yearning for love.

I don't say that my affection towards the cat has changed or will change in future, because I know she is programmed for that behavior. But my angst is directed towards nature which allows such violence.

Oh, I very well know the functioning of food chains and how important it is for the ecosystem, but at the same time find it very ironical and cannot comprehend the necessity of violence. Couldn't it be better if nature provided abundant food for each species, so that all could  live peacefully and happily without having to kill  other living beings?

Is life ultimately designed to fall prey to violence?

Am I mistaken in thinking  that nature could have had better ways to maintain the ecosystem..?

Can anyone explain....???

Thursday, November 25, 2010

There is a man behind every woman... or should it be the other way around?

Oh.. the gender clash, what a cliched and monotonous topic. But at the same time, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it never really leaves our lives! or rather we are not willing to leave it behind!!!

If I try to understand god's master plan behind the idea of creating a man and a woman, or in better words a male and a female entity..... is it just to facilitate procreation?? Well, he could still have achieved the same by creating only male entities or the female ones, and giving them similar powers.

Probably, the next time I meet god, I can just drop my suggestion in his suggestion box...!!!

Why...?? Well.. Because I think it can make our lives much simpler. What with the power to understand each and every human specimen on earth!
(Here I Obviously mean that we don't understand men and men don't understand us)

Still, the beauty of our creator's creation cannot be ignored. Despite lamenting everything about the gender differences, isn't it beautiful to be brought into the world by our father, doesn't it feel cute to be around a brother, so nice being cared for by a friend, and so amazingly special being loved by our lover.??

So, should I say there is a man behind every woman...???

Maybe. Infact Yes. But we also cant ignore the fact that men and women alike, identify more easily with the feminine side of  nature more than anything else.
Proof...?? The proof lies in the very fact that cultures across the world are abound with words like mother nature, mother earth.. and the list goes on....

Final Conclusion - Women are the ultimate winners....!!!

Relax guys... The fact is we can never question god's masterplan with our limited understanding of his scheme of things.

So this is what I have to finally say... THERE IS A MAN BEHIND EVERY WOMAN AND VICE VERSA...!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

My First Blog

A warm Hello everyone...! Here I am .. all set to write my first blog. While I start writing, I realize a colleague who is also a sweet friend, trying to sneak in and catch the first few lines of what I would say, my blog debut.And alas she wins! and I lose in guarding the mystery surrounding my own flow of thoughts.

Now, coming back to writing what I actually want to write, well, does anyone out there believe in the concept of a strong spiritual connection between us and the people whom we love, a connection that transcends all the physical and material boundaries, a connection that kind of warns us when our people are in trouble and also conveys the message that they are happy by making us experience a sweet emotion, which is strange and unique.

Well, I have experienced that quite a number of times. And I strongly believe that there are somethings that can be understood only by our hearts and not our minds. There are somethings that can never be understood by plain logic.

And if the cosmos has destined some day in far future which can explain the logic behind this, I wish I am still alive to see that day...!!!


Hi all....:)