Monday, December 27, 2010

The Year 2010

As I am writing one of my last blogs of the year, I feel sad bidding 2010 goodbye, as I believe this year will prove to be the turning point of my life for reasons more than one. And this is a very strong feeling and I have many reasons to say that. But ahan........ won't write about the reasons now. You may think I am superstitious but I believe, I better not count the chickens before they hatch!!!!!.

But having said that, I promise whenever they hatch!!!.... I will write about the reasons and make a reference to this article:)...

2010 began with lot of hopes for me. One of the critical decisions of my life was at stake. And it gave me a reason to smile at the end as i finally succeeded in getting into core software development. Professionally it brought an exponential growth to my knowledge.

Personally I  have been through many ups and downs, many breakups(with friends) and makeups. This year I celebrated one of the loneliest birthdays of my life. But I don't blame anybody as I have now learnt how to ride on both tides and ebbs of the ocean of life with equal ease(I earnestly hope I have learnt :(... ). Wouldn't like to elaborate much on that.

 BUt here is what I expect from 2011....

1. A secret santa who will return the most precious gift of my life( I will explain this when this desire is fulfilled :) ..

2.     My desire of contributing to a child's education and bonding with that child beautifully for life. No I have no intentions      of adoptions. I aint as strong as likes of Sushmita Sen though i truly and hopelessly admire her strength. But all i want is  to make a contribution in helping a child's dream of education come true.

3. To continue blogging and achieve new levels of intimacy with my own self through it.

4. To make a difference in everyone's lives whom i touch.

5. Last but not the least - TO BE LOVED...:)

Hope I aint asking for too much from 2011...:)

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