Monday, June 4, 2012

Walking down the memory lane .....

Walking down the memory lane,
is sweet like rose petals kissing my cheek..
fresh like seeing the rising sun..
tangy like having a tamarind with a dash of sugar..

Playing under the sun with an unhibited carelessness
putting mounds of earth in my small frock
Gazing through the little kanchas(glass balls)
is what I treasure the most after growing up.. 

The joy of hopping and not walking at all,
holding each of my parents hand on either side
while taking an evening stroll with them is 
a priceless treasure that can never be encashed..

The dread of sitting to study maths from my father is
unmatched till date.... 
Not even failing in any of the prestigious entrance exam can 
match the fear generated by it in those little eyes !!

The arrival of adolescence with an unfelt dreamy fragrance ,
bringing with it so many dreams and expectations from life,
from getting a cute, caring, understanding, broad-minded,
educated, sought after guy to cracking the most prestigious of
the entrance exams in the country...

And here I am now, 
with some achievements, some regrets..
some mistakes , much aware of the bitter realities of life..
but ready to face them if not with a smile on my face(yet to learn that !!!)
but an acceptance in my heart..