Thursday, January 15, 2015

A tribute to my first pet - my cat

When the hopes were dim , enthusiasm low,
future obscure with clouds of doubt ,

I needed someone ,
to hug me and say it was alright to fail ,
that it was alright to stay behind in the race

I needed someone to not judge me by the marks I score ,
or the clothes I wear , or the rules I follow..

Oh ofcourse , I had my parents , and my brother
but what I needed at that phase , was some 
love as well as aloneness , and the non-commitment to answer anything ,

Well , that was asking for too much I thought ,
but all of a sudden, as if an answer from the heavens,
popped up a cute flurry face at my window sill one day,

Oh such a cute face it was, the lovely eyes, the tiny lips,
majestic whiskers , and naughty tail , enough to knock me out of my feet to say 'Wowww..'

The love affair starring kitty and me had just begun ,
Oh what a time of my life that was ...

With her, there was nothing to prove,
nothing to hide, her meowing and purring music to my ears

there was a baby in her, who needed to be cared , who needed to be forgiven for mischiefs,
who taught me to how to care for someone, to be responsible in my life,

The secret that no one knows till now is that
kitty was my sleep mate...
with her rounding up and sleeping next to me ,
I couldn't have asked for more trust , more love ..

Then there was time to say 'GoodBye', the hardest 'GoodBye' I have ever said in my life..

I miss you my baby doll,
Hope you are happy wherever you are, and I wish we can be together in some other life again,
Love you lots my furry ball of love ...