Thursday, November 25, 2010

There is a man behind every woman... or should it be the other way around?

Oh.. the gender clash, what a cliched and monotonous topic. But at the same time, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it never really leaves our lives! or rather we are not willing to leave it behind!!!

If I try to understand god's master plan behind the idea of creating a man and a woman, or in better words a male and a female entity..... is it just to facilitate procreation?? Well, he could still have achieved the same by creating only male entities or the female ones, and giving them similar powers.

Probably, the next time I meet god, I can just drop my suggestion in his suggestion box...!!!

Why...?? Well.. Because I think it can make our lives much simpler. What with the power to understand each and every human specimen on earth!
(Here I Obviously mean that we don't understand men and men don't understand us)

Still, the beauty of our creator's creation cannot be ignored. Despite lamenting everything about the gender differences, isn't it beautiful to be brought into the world by our father, doesn't it feel cute to be around a brother, so nice being cared for by a friend, and so amazingly special being loved by our lover.??

So, should I say there is a man behind every woman...???

Maybe. Infact Yes. But we also cant ignore the fact that men and women alike, identify more easily with the feminine side of  nature more than anything else.
Proof...?? The proof lies in the very fact that cultures across the world are abound with words like mother nature, mother earth.. and the list goes on....

Final Conclusion - Women are the ultimate winners....!!!

Relax guys... The fact is we can never question god's masterplan with our limited understanding of his scheme of things.

So this is what I have to finally say... THERE IS A MAN BEHIND EVERY WOMAN AND VICE VERSA...!!!!!!


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  2. It is women that go behind successfull men....hi hi

  3. Both are parallel responsible for each other suceess.....