Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can Anyone Explain?

At times , Its unimaginably difficult for me to come to terms with the ugly and cruel side of  nature. The same nature, that most of the times nurtures and protects us like a mother becomes a source of such unexplainable pain and heartache.

This Friday morning, all set to go to office with a hope of starting a wonderful day.. I open the door to step out of my house... and what I see, I can possibly never forget for days or probably years to come. I see the headless body of a mouse, possibly devoured by the cat whom I have most affectionately fed many times before, as I believe she is an estranged pet, yearning for love.

I don't say that my affection towards the cat has changed or will change in future, because I know she is programmed for that behavior. But my angst is directed towards nature which allows such violence.

Oh, I very well know the functioning of food chains and how important it is for the ecosystem, but at the same time find it very ironical and cannot comprehend the necessity of violence. Couldn't it be better if nature provided abundant food for each species, so that all could  live peacefully and happily without having to kill  other living beings?

Is life ultimately designed to fall prey to violence?

Am I mistaken in thinking  that nature could have had better ways to maintain the ecosystem..?

Can anyone explain....???

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