Monday, January 10, 2011

Bangalore Indiblogger #AkshayaPatra Meet

I attended the first bloggers meet in bangalore on the 9th of jan, 2011 , which was organized by indiblogger in collaboration with akshaya patra(ISCKON). And it was wonderful meeting such a huge plethora of talented people from all over the country.

From technology bloggers, to poets, to bloggers who write satire,  it felt really special to be amidst a versatile crowd. The event was held at the multivision theatre , ISCKON , Bangalore. It was supposed to start at 12.30 pm, but somehow got delayed by almost an hour. I reached the temple premises around 12.45 pm but could only reach the theatre by 1.15, but it was a huge relief seeing the refreshments kept at the entrance of the theatre, as I was dead tired due to my journey from home at the peak of the day , when sun was directly above my head, or rather everyone's heads.. this is what they say about 12 in the noon right!!!

We entered the hall after logging in with our indiblogger id's at the laptops kept at the entrance, and immediately after that we could see our names on the two huge screens, behind the centerstage that said something like "Pratibha Mohanty entered 0 seconds back".. Wow it felt amazing to be welcomed that way..!!!

After each one of the 277 bloggers entered the hall, the event kick started with  the introductory speech from the indiblogger team. And that was followed by speeches by the founding fathers of the akshaya patra organization. They spoke at length about how the organization started, mid-day meal programs, and their target of feeding about 20,00,000 hungry children by 2020. It was very motivating to hear the story of the largest operational NGO in our country.

Next on the agenda was the program known as "60 Top Bloggers" wherein 60 bloggers amongst 277 people were picked to speak. And I was one of those 60. It was fun hearing other bloggers introduce themselves in their signature styles..And each of the 60 people received a photobook from akshaya patra..:)

After that came the most fun part of the event... We were all given chart papers and sketch pens and were asked to hang them at our backs by a single thread around our necks and we were supposed to write comments on others backs and allow comments on our backs too. The motive was to allow maximum interaction between fellow bloggers.

The day ended with we receiving a cool t-shirt which had the following tagline "INDIAN BY BIRTH BLOGGER BY CHOICE"


  1. The event was really great fun...Every moment of it was enjoyable..lets hope this meet could bring some great waves for the AKSHYAPATRA....

  2. Glad you had a good time. Hope you liked the "photobook".

  3. It is good post, could have been spiced up more with some comments from the back biting poster games Lol.

  4. Nice writeup on IndiMeet.. You have a very good blog.. Happy to meet you in IndiMeet.. Here is my writeup on IndiMeet, Wow! What a day!

    Someone is Special

  5. Thank you SiS!!! I too am happy to have found a new blogger friend......:) And I simply loved your writeup on indimeet..:)

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